Desktop Faxing


As a proven provider of Internet fax services to SMB and enterprise customers, our main area of focus is desktop faxing.
We're committed to making desktop faxing:

  • Easy and convenient: our services require no installation, operate just like email, and are backed by free multi-lingual phone and email support
  • Cost-effective: our services require no maintenance, software or capital equipment costs, as well as no set-up, support or monthly fax-sending fees
  • Secure: our services meet the world's most stringent privacy and security regulations

InterFAX's comprehensive desktop faxing services cover both fax sending and fax receiving.

Fax Sending

Fax sending is at the core of InterFAX. Our user-friendly outbound service is packed with myriad features that increase productivity and enhance the fax-sending experience. Operating at virtually 100% uptime, and easily scaling to meet growing customer needs, our cost-efficient outbound faxing service provides great value to customers worldwide.
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Fax Receiving

Receiving faxes with InterFAX is like receiving email. After you're assigned a dedicated local fax number, all incoming faxes arrive directly to your email box. Once there, you can filter, route, forward, print or delete the faxes like any email message. Ensuring 24/7 availability, our fax-receiving service also includes a backup option if your Internet connection goes down.
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