Industry-leading API


Simple API-based Faxing

  • Fax sending based on just a few lines of code
  • Fax receiving followed by programmatic processing
  • REST and SOAP-based interfaces



Detailed Control over Fax Transmission

  • Deferral for later transmission
  • Control over paper size, orientation, resolution
  • Flexible retry policy in event of transmission failure



Flexible Handling of Inbound Faxes

  • Inbound fax poll or push notification reception
  • Fax receiving in TIFF or PDF
  • Utilization of caller ID and fax CSID data for workflow application to faxes



Powerful Query Methods

  • Query for single or multiple user fax status
  • Restrict returned records by date or other parameters
  • Transaction search via internal identifier



Administrative Methods

  • Adding, editing or removing of users and services
  • User service parameters Changes
  • User activity report retrieval



Enhanced Privacy

  • "Delete image after completion" feature makes sure your faxes don't remain on our system longer than necessary
  • API access points accessible via SSL
  • PCI-DSS Level 1 compatible



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