Enterprise Fax Server Replacement

InterFAX is a robust online fax service that allows organizations of all sizes to replace costly enterprise fax servers with the convenience and cost efficiency of Internet-based faxing.

No upfront investment or setup fees Send fax from any email client, business application or mobile device
Seamless support of multiple users across geographical locations Maximum privacy, encryption, HIPAA support
Hundreds of dedicated lines for unlimited scalability Integrate with enterprise applications using powerful fax API

The table below compares the two alternatives – an in-house enterprise fax server vs. the InterFAX online fax service.

  InterFAX Service Enterprise Fax Server
  • No upfront investment or setup fees
  • Zero maintenance costs
  • No monthly fees. Pay for the fax services you use
  • Hardware and software expenditures
  • Ongoing maintenance, software upgrades
  • System administration resources needed
Multi-user support
  • Seamless support of multiple fax users across the organization at different geographical locations
  • Account administrator can manage all users online
  • Online shared distribution list
  • Fax broadcast to up to 20,000 recipients
  • Cost control and monitoring through powerful web console
  • Multilingual control panel for international staff
  • Multi-user support requires multiple client installations and ongoing maintenance
  • Multiple servers required to support users on different geographical sites
Reliability & scalability
  • Hundreds of dedicated lines enable sending/receiving an unlimited number of faxes
  • Cloud-based service – rely on our enterprise-grade data center
  • Scalable online fax service that grows and shrinks based on your requirements
  • Scaling up requires adding more servers, fax modems and phone lines
  • Wasted resources during non-peak times
Sending & receiving faxes
  • Send fax from any mail client, Microsoft Office applications, Gmail, SAP and more
  • Fax broadcasting - easily send faxes to pre-defined lists of recipients
  • Customize fax header, retry/confirmation policies
  • Deferred fax transmission
  • Depending on vendor, most send/receive features supported
  • Some application connectors offered at extra cost
Security & privacy
  • Faxes arrive directly in mailbox
  • Removal of fax copies from InterFAX server for enhanced privacy
  • Fax encryption
  • Supports HIPAA
  • Depending on vendor, various encryption and security options supported
Integration to enterprise apps
  • Send faxes from within any enterprise application
  • Powerful fax API supporting all common programming languages
  • Top notch support and documentation for developers
  • Usually, limited to specific enterprise systems

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