.Net Fax - Check status of submitted fax

This is a .Net code sample to show how to check the status of a fax that was previously submitted to InterFAX. This code sample is based on the .Net library for InterFAX available on Github.

This sample demonstrates how to check the status of a single fax - all you need to do in order to change it is to provide a different fax id (the fax id - also referred to as transaction ID, is returned to you when successfully submitting a fax).

    // given an InterFAX fax ID
var faxId = 12345;
// retrieve the fax
var fax = interfax.Outbound.GetFaxRecord(faxId);
// check the status


The status of the fax is only one of several parameters that you can retrieve in regards to a fax. For a full list, please review our API documentation.

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