Java Fax - Query Outbound Faxes with FaxQuery2

In this section, you use the FaxQuery2 method to retrieve detailed information about one or more submitted Java faxes. You can locate this code sample in the ZIP file above (see the green 'Download' box), under the path interfaxJavaSamples > src > GetStatusWithFaxQuery2.

FaxQuery2 provides more advanced querying options than FaxQuery (for more details, see Side-by-side Comparison of Web Service Methods).

The Java fax API sample shown below displays information for a number of submitted (outbound) faxes:

import java.util.GregorianCalendar;

import net.interfax.outbound.FaxItemEx2;
import net.interfax.outbound.FaxQuery2;
import net.interfax.outbound.FaxQuery2Response;
import net.interfax.outbound.OrderByColumnEnum;
import net.interfax.outbound.QueryCondition;
import net.interfax.outbound.QueryControl;
import net.interfax.outbound.QueryForm;
import net.interfax.outbound.SQLOperatorEnum;

public class GetStatusWithFaxQuery2 {

    /******** Begin settings ********/
    // See
    // for an explanation of properties           
    // Valid values for [property]_verb are:
    // Equals | GreaterThan | GreaterOrEqual | LessThan | LessOrEqual | Like | IncludedIn | Between
    // Leave both [property]_verb and [property]_data empty to ignore the property in the query
    static String USERNAME = "";      // Enter your Interfax username here
    static String PASSWORD = "";      // Enter your Interfax password here
    static String SUBJECT_DATA = null;
    static String FAXNUMBER_DATA = null;
    static String DATE_TO = null;
    static String USER_ID_DATA = null;
    static String REPLY_ADDRESS_DATA = null;
    static String TRANSACTION_ID_DATA = null;
    static String PARENT_TRANSACTION_ID_DATA = null;
    static String STATUS_DATA = null;
    // The following values control display settings
    static boolean SHOW_HIDDEN_TRANSACTIONS = true;
    static boolean ONLY_PARENTS = false;
    static int NUM_OF_RESULTS = 999;
    static int STARTING_RECORD = 0;
    // Valid values for $order_by are:
    // TransactionID | SubmitTime | CompletionTime | Status | DestinationFax | Subject | PagesSent | UserID | ReplyEmail
    static String ORDER_BY = "TransactionID";
    static boolean ASC_ORDER_DIRECTION = true;
    static boolean RETURN_ITEMS = true;
    static boolean RETURN_STATS = true;
    /******** End settings ********/

    public static void main(String[] anArgs) {
        try {
            net.interfax.outbound.InterFaxSoapStub theBinding = (net.interfax.outbound.InterFaxSoapStub)new net.interfax.outbound.InterFaxLocator().getInterFaxSoap();

            QueryForm queryForm = new QueryForm();
            queryForm.setSubject( new QueryCondition( SQLOperatorEnum.Equals, SUBJECT_DATA ) );
            queryForm.setFaxNumber( new QueryCondition( SQLOperatorEnum.Equals, "" ) );
            queryForm.setDateFrom( new GregorianCalendar(1999,1,1,0,0) );
            queryForm.setDateTo( new GregorianCalendar(2999,12,31,23,59) );
            queryForm.setUserID( new QueryCondition( SQLOperatorEnum.Equals, USER_ID_DATA ) );
            queryForm.setReplyAddress( new QueryCondition( SQLOperatorEnum.Equals, REPLY_ADDRESS_DATA ) );
            queryForm.setTransactionID( new QueryCondition( SQLOperatorEnum.Equals, TRANSACTION_ID_DATA ) );
            queryForm.setParentTransactionID( new QueryCondition( SQLOperatorEnum.Equals, PARENT_TRANSACTION_ID_DATA ) );
            queryForm.setStatus( new QueryCondition( SQLOperatorEnum.Equals, STATUS_DATA ) );

            QueryControl queryControl = new QueryControl(ONLY_PARENTS,NUM_OF_RESULTS,STARTING_RECORD,OrderByColumnEnum.TransactionID,ASC_ORDER_DIRECTION,RETURN_ITEMS,RETURN_STATS);
            FaxQuery2 theParams = new FaxQuery2(
            FaxQuery2Response response = theBinding.faxQuery2(theParams);

            int resultCode = response.getFaxQuery2Result().getResultCode();
            FaxItemEx2[] results = response.getFaxQuery2Result().getFaxItems();
            System.out.println("Service call completed with status: " + resultCode);
            if(null==results) {
                System.out.println("Null result");
            } else {
                System.out.println("FaxQuery2 call succeeded.");
                for (int i=0;i

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