Java Fax - Send multiple documents as a fax

This is a more advanced Java code sample to show how to send a fax with multiple documents. This code sample is based on the Java library for InterFAX available on Github.

This sample demonstrates how to send a fax through InterFAX to a single recipient and provide multiple documents (of different types) in the fax - all you need to do in order to change it is to provide a different fax number and a different path to the files that you would like to send

     // send multiple files as 1 fax
File[] files = new File[2];
files[0] = new File("path/to/fax.pdf");
files[1] = new File("path/to/fax.html");

// send the fax
APIResponse response = interfax.sendFax(
  // a valid fax number
  // an array of File or
  // InputStream objects


You can check on the status of this fax by following this sample code.

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