PHP Fax - Retrieve new inbound faxes and download fax images

This is a more advanced PHP code sample to show how to retrieve the list of inbound faxes, download the fax images and mark the processed faxes as "read". This code sample is based on the PHP library for InterFAX available on Github.

This sample demonstrates how to retrieve the list of all "unread" (new) faxes in your inbound queue (by specifying unreadOnly: true), looping through the list of faxes and for each fax, downloading the fax image and marking this fax as "read".
By marking faxes as "read", they will not show up the next time that you search for all "unread" (new) faxes.

    // get all unread faxes
$faxes = $interfax->inbound->incoming([
  'unreadOnly' => true

foreach ($faxes as $fax) {
  // save the fax image
  $image = $fax->image();
  // mark as read


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