InterFAX REST PCI Fax API Reference


The InterFAX REST PCI fax API is a commercial subscription-based service which enables the transmission of fax messages without the need to install any hardware or software. The original document to be transmitted may be of various formats, such as PDF, Microsoft Word, HTML, TXT etc. Received faxes are in TIF or PDF format.

As an extension to sending capabilities, the Interfax Fax REST API provides facilities for retrieving status information regarding fax messages sent through it.

It follows the requirements of the PCI-DSS compliance.

If you would like to use our standard REST API (the non-PCI version), please read our documentation here.

Available operations on resources

Operation & Resource Description
outbound faxes
POST /outbound/faxes

Submit a fax to a single destination number.

GET /outbound/faxes

Get a list of recent outbound faxes (which does not include batch faxes).

GET /outbound/faxes/completed

Get details for a subset of completed faxes from a submitted list. (Submitted id's which have not completed are ignored).

GET /outbound/faxes/{id}

Retrieves information regarding a previously-submitted fax, including its current status.

POST /outbound/faxes/{id}/cancel

Cancel a fax in progress.

POST /outbound/faxes/{id}/hide

Hide a fax from listing in queries (there is no way to unhide a fax).

GET /outbound/search

Search for outbound faxes.

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