Appendix B: Special Formats

FaxNumber - Input

See How to format fax numbers in Interfax.

FaxNumber - Output (canonical format)

The InterFAX system converts any fax number into a standard format. This format is then returned by all status related methods.

The format is: 00 <Country Code> <AreaCode> <Local number>.

Example: A number in New York, NY, USA will look like: 0012123456789, where:

00 is a constant;
1 is the USA country code;
212 is New York area code;
3456789 is the local number.


This is a variable-size byte array. Normally it is a buffer obtained from a file image, such as a Word document, PDF, etc.

Examples for creating such array in various development environments and languages are available in the Code Samples section.

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