Side-by-side Comparison of Web Service Methods

Comparison of outbound methods

  SendCharFax Sendfax SendfaxEx_2
Multiple fax numbers allowed    
Send textual file (TXT, HTML, PS, etc)
Send binary file (DOC, XLS, PDF, etc)  
Send 8-bit characters in HTML file (accented letters, etc.)  
Send multiple documents    
Postpone faxes    
Set CSID (overrides user setting default)    
Set 'Subject' for reference    
Set email confirmation reply address (overrides user setting default)    
Set page size to A4, Letter, Legal, or B4 (overrides user setting default)    
Set page orientation to Portrait or Landscape (overrides user setting default)    
Set resolution to Standard or Fine (overrides user setting default)    
Set rendering optimization to Greyscale or B&W (overrides user setting default)    

Comparison of fax status retrieval methods

  FaxStatus FaxQuery FaxQuery2
Can limit number of returned transactions
Can limit by date range    
Can limit results by fax number    
Can limit results by confirmation email address    
Can limit by results transaction ID
Can limit results by parent transaction ID (broadcast)  
Can limit results by fax status (successful, failed, etc.)    
Returns total count of user transactions
Returns count of records returned by query
Returns submission time
Returns postponed-to time
Returns completion time
Returns destination fax number
Returns received CSID
Returns total pages sent
Returns transmission result
Returns fax transmission duration
Returns fax subject (if submitted)
Returns number of pages originally submitted
If fax broadcast - returns parent ID  
Returns submitter's username  
Returns email confirmation address  
Returns fax cost (Units x CostPerUnit)  
Returns page size (A4, Letter, Legal, B4)  
Returns page orientation (Portrait, Landscape)  
Returns resolution (Standard, Fine)  
Returns rendering optimization (Greyscale, B&W)  
Returns statistical information, broken down by status code    

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