Returns full information regarding a population determined by Verb.

Note that this method is rate-limited, as defined under System Limitations

Formal Definition



Name Type Comments
Username String As provided during registration
Password String As provided during registration
Verb String PARENT ; Retrieve ALL items in a batch
ACTIVE ; leave VerbData empty to retrieve ALL incomplete (active) items
GT transactions with id greater than the given transactionid
GE transactions with id greater than or equal to the given
LT transactions with id smaller than the given transactionid
LE transactions with id smaller than or equal to the given
EQ transactions with id equal to the given transactionid
BETWEEN transactions with id greater than or equal to transactionid1 and id smaller than or equal to transactionid2.
IN transactions in list.
VerbData String Place required above here. See Verb.
MaxItems Integer Maximum number of FaxItem elements to be returned. Use -1 for no limit. But note that no more transactions will be returned than the value defined in System Limitations.


Name Type Comments
ResultCode Integer 0= OK; less than 0 = Error, see Appendix A. Note that this refers to the success/failure of placing a query, NOT to the result of fax transmission.
FaxItems Array Array of FaxItemEx

FaxItemEx Definition

Name Type Comments
ParentTransactionID Integer In case of a Broadcast - the ID of the 1st item
TransactionID Integer  
SubmitTime DateTime Time when the transaction was originally submitted by the client
PostponeTime DateTime Time to which fax was scheduled for transmission. Returns '0000-00-00' if not postponed
CompletionTime DateTime End time of last of all transmission attempts
UserID String  
Contact String The text which was inserted into the Contacts property upon submission of the fax (available in select submission methods only).
JobID String Reserved for future use
DestinationFax String The fax number in a canonical format (see Appendix B)
ReplyEmail String The E-mail address to which a confirmation message is to be sent
RemoteCSID String Receiving party CSID (up to 20 characters).
PagesSent Short Number of successfully sent pages.
Status Integer Fax status. 0= OK; greater than 0 = Error (See Interfax Error Codes)
Duration Integer Transmission time in seconds.
Subject String Original value as submitted.
PagesSubmitted Short Number of pages originally submitted.
SenderCSID String CSID of calling party
Priority Short Priority assigned to the fax
Units Decimal Number of units to be billed (pages or tenths of minutes)
CostPerUnit Decimal Monetary units, in account currency. Multiply this by 'Units' to get the cost of the fax.
PageSize String A4, Letter, Legal, or B4
PageOrientation String Portrait or Landscape
PageResolution String Standard or Fine
RenderingQuality String Standard (optimize for black & white) or Fine (optimize for greyscale)
PageHeader String Header overlaid on fax
RetriesToPerform Short Retry attempts requested
TrialsPerformed Short Retry attempts actually performed

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