Returns quick and minimal information (11 fields) regarding a fax transaction's current status.

Note that this method is rate-limited, as defined under System Limitations

Formal Definition



Name Type Comments
Username String As provided during registration
Password String As provided during registration
LastTransactionID Integer Only messages with TransactionID smaller than this parameter will be returned. For example, to query for transaction N, enter N+1 for this property and '1' for MaxItems below.

For all transactions - use 999999999. This feature enables to obtain the latest, most interesting, transactions in a very short time and display it. Afterwards, more data may be obtained concurrently with display of previous data.

MaxItems Integer Maximum number of FaxItem elements to be returned.


Name Type Comments
TotalCount Integer An output parameter - total number of transactions for this user (regardless of number of transactions returned).
ListSize Integer An output parameter - total number of transactions actually returned by the query (size of FaxItems array).
ResultCode Integer 0= OK; less than 0 = Error, see Appendix A
FaxItems Array Array of FaxItem

FaxItem Definition

Name Type Comments
TransactionID Integer  
SubmitTime DateTime The time when the transaction was originally submitted by the client
PostponeTime DateTime Time to which transmission was scheduled the transmission. Returns '0000-00-00' if not postponed
CompletionTime DateTime End time of last of all transmission attempts
DestinationFax String The fax number in a canonical format (see Appendix B)
RemoteCSID String Receiving party CSID (up to 20 characters)
PagesSent Short Number of successfully sent pages
Status Integer Fax status. 0= OK; greater than 0 = Error (See Interfax Error Codes)
Duration Integer Transmission time in seconds
Subject String Original value as submitted
PagesSubmitted Short Number of pages originally submitted

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