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InterFAX provides an email-to-fax service that lets you send and receive faxes using any email program. Sending a fax is as easy as sending an email, and your emails are automatically converted to faxes as they are sent. No need to invest in hardware, software, or deal with phone lines and maintenance.

Send faxes from any email client Customized fax sending (header, confirmations)
Set your custom fax station identifier Fax broadcast to multiple recipients using distribution lists
Faxes received as email attachments Maximum security with optional encryption

Getting Started with InterFAX

You can use our fax service to send faxes only, receive faxes only, or send and receive. When creating your account, you can choose any location in the world (country/city or region) for your personal fax number. Once you provide us with your email account details and complete the short registration process, you are ready to go.

How the InterFAX Email-to-fax Service Works

Sending a fax is straightforward: simply enter a fax number as the destination address in your email application. Our online fax servers receive your mail, "translate" it into fax format, and transmit it to the destination fax number.

When registering to our email-to-fax service, you can define which email addresses will be allowed to send under your account. You can have multiple allowed sender addresses, which means you can send faxes from your work email or from your home email under the same account.

Email to Fax – Use Your Favorite Email Tool

Use your favorite email application to send faxes -- Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail, or any other email program. We support them all. Or, you can send faxes directly from Microsoft Office applications, from Google Docs documents or from any enterprise application.

Attach Any Document and Send it by Fax

We support a wide range of files types including Microsoft Office file formats, popular image file formats, PDF, XML, HTML, and many more. See the full list of supported file types. All of these files can be attached to an email and sent instantly by fax.

High Availability

With hundreds of lines, robust data centers, and fax servers spread over four continents, our email-to-fax service can handle a large number of faxes at any given moment. Senders never receive a busy signal, and you never have to wait for other users to complete their faxing.

Delivery Confirmation and Customization

We can send you a confirmation email based on the confirmation policy you select -- upon success, failure, or for all fax activity. You can also determine how fax transmission failures should be handled, and the number of attempts to retry upon busy or no answer signals.

InterFAX also lets you customize your fax header to hide or display the transmission date and time, page number, total pages, sending machine identifier, receiving machine identifier, and any free text.

Email-to-fax Security

Our fax service supports public key signature and encryption of inbound and outbound faxes. Outgoing faxes can be encrypted so that they cannot be read when being sent to our servers. Incoming faxes can also be signed, so that you are assured that they have actually been received by us before being forwarded to your email.

Industry-leading Support

Our service includes top-notch phone and email support in your local language. Our knowledgeable local support teams are at your service during local business hours, and we reply to all email requests within one business day.

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