Fax Broadcasting

The InterFAX online fax service lets you perform bulk fax broadcasting to thousands of users easily and reliably – send marketing materials, newsletters or any other document via our fax servers distributed on four continents, with full cost control and 1-click resend of failed faxes.

Distribute up to 20,000 faxes per list Manage lists and review fax broadcasting results online
User-friendly Web Fax Mail Merge Customize your message for individual recipients
1-click resend of failed faxes Competitive pricing with no setup fees

Easy Bulk Fax Broadcasting

Our online fax broadcasting service lets you distribute marketing materials, sales collaterals, newsletters, or any other document to a mass audience. Our fax servers rapidly distribute thousands of faxes - for example, transmitting a one-page fax to 10,000 recipients may take between 1.5 and 3.5 hours.

Static or Dynamic Fax Content?

InterFAX lets you transmit static fax content (where all recipients receive the exact same content), using our online list management features. Or, you can broadcast personalized fax content - use our Mail Merge Web Fax form to create the dynamic content, then broadcast the fax via Web Fax form.

Online List Management

Manage your fax broadcasting distribution lists online. Import recipients into one or several lists, and send the fax to the entire list with one click. We support up to 20,000 recipients per list, and you can create as many lists as needed.

One-Click Resubmission of Failed Faxes

Bulk fax broadcasting may include some failed transmissions – due to wrong numbers, busy signals, etc. Quickly discover failed faxes using our condensed report, click 'Resend' from the outgoing fax queue, fix the destination number if needed, and the fax is on its way.

Industry-Leading Support

Our service includes top-notch phone and email support in your local language. Our knowledgeable local support teams are at your service during local business hours, and we reply to all email requests within one business day.

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