C# Fax API - Send Faxes with a Few Lines of Code

Need a C# fax API? The InterFAX C# API lets you send faxes using only a few lines of code, with no installations. InterFAX accepts documents in formats including Microsoft Word, PDF, ASCII, HTML and URL, and sends them to a fax number you specify. We offer basic sending/receiving of faxes, and advanced features such as multiple destinations, deferred transmission, and document resolution.

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C# Fax API Code Samples

Title Body
C# Fax - Sending a Plain-Text File Using SendCharFax

In this sample, you learn how to perform a simple transmission of a fax with C#, using the inbound Web service's SendCharFax method.

C# Fax - Send Faxes to Multiple Recipients Using SendfaxEx_2

This sample explains how to send one or more C# faxes to one or more recipients using the method SendfaxEx_2, which provides more flexible sending capabilities than Sendfax (for more details, see Side-by-side Comparison of Web Service Methods).

C# Fax - Send Large Files Using UploadFileChunk

This sample demonstrates how to upload a large file and then send it as a fax using C#.

C# Fax - Get Fax Information with FaxQuery

This sample shows you how to retrieve information for one or more submitted C# faxes using the FaxQuery method.

C# Fax - Query Submitted Faxes Using FaxQuery2

The FaxQuery2 method demonstrated in this sample allows you to display detailed information for a number of previously-submitted C# faxes. FaxQuery2 provides more advanced querying options than FaxQuery (for more details, see Side-by-Side Comparison of Web Service Methods).

C# Fax - Retrieve the Image of a Received Fax with GetImageChunk

This example shows you how to retrieve the image of a received (inbound) C# fax.

C# Fax - Retrieve the Image of a Previously-Submitted File with GetFaxImage

This sample demonstrates the GetFaxImage method, which retrieves the image of a previously-submitted (outbound) file using the C# Fax API.

C# Fax - Get List of Submitted Faxes

In this sample, you retrieve a list of submitted (inbound) C# faxes using the GetList method.

C# Fax - Cancel a Submitted Fax

This code sample uses the CancelFax method to cancel a previously-submitted (outbound) C# fax. Using CancelFax only effects faxes waiting to be sent (with the status codes: -1 Preprocessing, -2 Ready, or -3 Pending Retry), and not faxes that are being actively transmitted.

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