Fax VB.NET Samples - Send Faxes with a Few Lines of Code

Need to send a fax with VB.NET? The InterFAX fax service lets you send faxes using only a few lines of fax VB.NET code, with no installations. InterFAX accepts popular document formats including Word, HTML, PDF, ASCII and URL - and sends them to a fax number you specify. We provide basic sending/receiving, and advanced faxing features such as multiple destinations, document resolution, and deferred transmission.

Note: This section includes samples for the VB.NET framework.

  • If you are using VB6, refer to the VB Fax section.
  • For ASP.NET samples (aspx.vb extension), see the ASP.NET fax section.

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Fax VB.NET Code Samples

Title Body
Fax VB.NET - Send Plain-Text Fax with SendCharFax

This sample shows you how to send a plain-text fax with VB.NET. This is done using the SendCharFax method. Text is limited to standard ASCII (no 8-bit characters).

Fax VB.NET - Send One or More Files to Multiple Recipients with SendfaxEx_2

This section shows how to send faxes with VB.NET to one or more recipients using SendfaxEx_2.

Fax VB.NET - Query Submitted Faxes with FaxQuery2

This code snippet allows you to query a number of previously-submitted faxes with VB.NET, and display detailed information on these faxes. This is done using the FaxQuery2 method with VB.NET, which provides more advanced querying options than FaxQuery (for more details, see Side-by-Side Comparison of Web Service Methods).

Fax ASP - Advanced Transmission with SendfaxEx2 (VB.NET fax code)

This example shows you how to send a fax from ASP using VB.NET fax code (aspx.vb), with one or more attached files, using the SendfaxEx_2 method. This method allows full control over all fax transmission aspects.

Fax VB.NET - Get Detailed Fax Information with FaxQuery

These project files retrieve information for one or more submitted faxes with VB.NET and FaxQuery.

Fax VB.NET - Retrieve Inbound Fax Image with GetImageChunk

This fax VB.NET example uses GetImageChunk to retrieve a fax image in multiple chunks (chunk size is configurable). To retrieve the fax image, you need the fax message ID and file size. These can be retrieved using the GetList method.

Fax VB.NET - Retrieve Outbound Fax Image with GetFaxImage

These project files allow you to retrieve the image of an outbound (previously-submitted) fax with VB.NET. This is done using the GetFaxImage method.

Fax VB.NET - Get a List of Inbound Faxes

The code snippet below uses the GetList method to display information for a list of inbound faxes with VB.NET.

Fax ASP - Retrieve Fax Status (VB.NET fax code)

This sample uses the FaxStatus method to retrieve the status of one or more faxes with ASP, using VB.NET fax code (aspx.vb).

Fax VB.NET - Cancel Outbound Fax

The CancelFax method shown in this sample allows you to cancel a previously-submitted, outbound fax using VB.NET. Using CancelFax only effects faxes waiting to be sent (with the status codes: -1 Preprocessing, -2 Ready, or -3 Pending Retry), and not faxes that are being actively transmitted.

Fax ASP - Get Submitted Fax Image (VB.NET fax code)

In this sample, you learn how to retrieve the image of a submitted fax with ASP, using VB.NET fax code (aspx.vb). This is done with the GetFaxImage method.

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Sample Uses

Automated Invoicing
Automate fax invoices and order confirmations directly from order processing systems.
Online Restaurant Orders
Automatically fax orders from websites to restaurants for quick fulfillment.
Fax travellers' itineraries and related information directly from travel management systems.
Fax work orders to remote personnel from workflow management systems.
FAXCOMEXLib Alternative
Save the trouble of integrating the Windows fax library into your application.

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