Fax Web Service Demo

This form demonstrates the usage of the Interfax SendCharFax method, which enables transmission of non-binary buffers (files), such as TXT, HTML, RTF, etc. You must have an existing username and password to use the form.

The XML-formatted result of submitting the message to the Web Service will appear in a separate window:

  • Numbers greater than 0 are transaction numbers, and indicate successful submission of the message (which does not yet indicate successful transmission of the fax).
  • Numbers smaller than 0 are error codes. Please see the list of possible Web Service error codes.

The status of a fax may be queried with the FaxStatus method, supplying its transaction number as a parameter.

Fax Number:
format: +[countrycode][areacode][phonenumber] e.g. +12125553333, or +442079876543
Text Type:

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