faxstatus isn't returning any faxitems

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#1 Mon, 4 Jan 2016 17:40
Anonymous (not verified)

faxstatus isn't returning any faxitems

So I'm using this SOAP endpoint here:


When I make a request to this with the desired transaction ID in LastTransactionID field and MaxItems set to 1 I get the following response:

stdClass Object
    [TotalCount] => 2572
    [ListSize] => 0
    [ResultCode] => 0

ie. ListSize is 0 and FaxItems isn't present.

Up until New Years Eve this returned a ListSize of 1 and FaxItems /was/ present. Now it's not. Any ideas as to why not?


Thu, 21 Jan 2016 09:02
Eyal N

This usually means that the transaction ID you are referencing is not in the queue (most likely it is already out of the queue according to our system limitations).
In order to investigate further, I would suggest that you submit a support ticket to dev@interfax.net and provide us with your username and the transaction ID you are searching for and then we can check our logs.

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