fax confirmation using callback rest post call

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#1 Wed, 17 Feb 2016 20:35
Anonymous (not verified)

fax confirmation using callback rest post call

I am sending faxes, and try to get notifications using callback post call, like this https://www.interfax.net/en/help/callback

I setup a web page on my web application, and listen to post call, parsing the form data posted to the post call.

I tested the page on many http client testers like CocoaRestClient on mac, and fiddler on windows, and curl in unix.

And I changed my settings to have the settings: "Web feedback URL" to be that url, with setting to always send the confirmation

and I am sending faxes , and waiting that the fax was sent from by looking at the web page.
But I am not receiving anything on the url

Fri, 19 Feb 2016 13:24
Eyal N

This sounds like an issue with the connection between our callback system and your site.
In order to investigate this, I would recommend that you contact our support team and provide your username and explain the issue - they then can research the logs of the callback system to see what was the problem.

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