How to create shared queue

You can use InterFAX’s Auto-Sharing feature to share your received documents with other account users.
Instead of sharing each document manually, with Auto-Sharing, you can share ALL your received documents in just a few steps.

Who can create a shared queue:

Each user may create and change the settings of the auto-sharing.
The auto-share settings applies only on receiving documents (documents which the user is the owner of them).

To share documents automatically:

  1. Click PREFERENCES > Sharing.
  2. Then select the Enable Automatic Sharing check box.
  3. In the Invite people section, invite account users (or account groups) to auto-share documents.
    To invite specific users, select the Add specific users check box and then type user IDs, email addresses, or contact names in the Add users box. Then select the sharing permission: Can View (default), Can View and Share, Can View and Edit or Can View, Edit and Share.
    To share with a group, select the Add specific groups check box and then type group names in the Add groups box.
    To invite all users associated with the account to view documents, select the Enable all users in your account to find this document in their queue and view it check box.
  4. Click Update.


  • To remove shared users or change sharing permission in the Share dialog box: Click Delete, next to that user’s name and click Done.
  • To change sharing permission in the Share dialog box: Select a different permission level from the list next to that user’s name and click Done.
  • To share documents with groups, you must create the groups before sharing.


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