How to organize received documents by using shared properties

Each of the documents received or shared with you has several properties: time received, number of pages, shared time, and owner.
You can organize your documents by adding tags, a unique reference, a document name, and shared properties.
Primary Users may add up to 10 shared properties to the account.


To add shared properties to your account:

  1. Go to PREFERENCES > Account Settings > Shared Properties.
  2. Type a name for the new property in the 'Name' box.
  3. In the 'Type' list, select the type of data for this property: String, Date or Numeric.
  4. Click the plus icon + to add the property to the list.


To specify a document’s shared properties:

Both a document’s owner and shared users with 'Edit' permission can specify the properties in a received or shared document.

  1. Open the received or shared document to view in the InterFAX Document Viewer.
  2. Click Tag As, .
  3. Click Shared properties.
    • For a Date property, click the Calendar icon and specify a date (for example 2016-05-28.
    • For a Numeric property, click the box and type numbers (for example, 12000.34).
    • For a String property, click the box and type any character (for example, zxcASD1  23!@#”).
  4. Click Save.


View values of shared properties of a document

There are three ways to view the shared properties of a document:

  • from within the InterFAX Document Viewer
  • from the Inbound Queue
  • from the document, itself


To view a document’s properties if you are the owner or have 'Edit' permission:

  1. Open the document in the InterFAX Document Viewer.
  2. Click Tag As.
  3. Click Shared properties.
  4. Review the specified values.


To view a document’s properties from the Inbound Queue:

  1. Log into InterFAX.
  2. Click FAX QUEUES > Inbound Queue.
  3. Click any field for the document.
  4. View the values in the open panel.
  5. To close the panel, click a field for that document.


To search for documents in the Inbound Queue (using the shared properties):

All account-defined shared properties appear when you use the Advanced Search feature with the Inbound Queue. Each shared property appears in the Advanced Search panel with its own property format.

  1. Log into InterFAX.
  2. Click FAX QUEUES > Inbound Queue.
  3. Click the arrow next to the Search button.
  4. In the Advanced Search panel, view all the defined shared properties.
    • Searching using a Date property, click the calendar icon and specify a date. (For example, for a Date property with From and To boxes, specify From 2016-05-28 To 2016-08-19.)
    • Searching using a Numeric property, select a numeric operator (<, >, =, <=, or >=) and type a numeric value. (For example, select = and type 7200.5.)
    • Searching using a String property, type the text to match. (For example, type London.)
  5. Click Search.

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