How to restrict account access by IP Address

Primary Users may add IP address ranges to restrict access to the account.

To restrict access by specifying allowed IP addresses:

  1. Go to PREFERENCES > Account Settings > IP Address Access List.
  2. InterFAX shows a list of all IP addresses with access restrictions in your account.
  3. Give an identifier to the access restriction in the 'Name' box.
  4. To allow access from a single IP address, type the same IP address in the 'IP Address Range' and the 'to' boxes. For example: to
  5. To allow access from a range of IP addresses, type the lower IP address in the 'IP Address Range' box and the higher IP address into the 'to' box. For example: to
  6. Click the plus icon to add the access restriction.


  1. Restricting access by IP address is available only to Primary users.
  2. The access restrictions also apply to the Interfax Web service (API).
  3. Make sure to allow your OWN IP address first, otherwise you will lock yourself out of your InterFAX account.

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