How to transfer ownership of a received document

If you are the owner of a shared document, you can transfer that ownership to another user.

To transfer document ownership:

  1. In the Inbound Queue, select the check box for a received document. (You must be the owner of the document.)
  2. View the document by clicking the 'View document' icon..
  3. In the InterFAX Document Viewer click Share > Transfer ownership.

  4. If the document hasn’t been named before, in the Rename Document dialog box, type a name in the Rename box and click Done.

  5. In the Transfer ownership dialog box, type the user’s name for the new owner of the document. InterFAX sends an automatic notification to the user.

  6. If you wish, select the Add message check box and type a personal message to send with the transfer message.
  7. To no longer have access to this document, select Remove my access. To maintain some access select Leave my permissions as: and then select the type of access you want: Can View (default), Can View and Share, Can View and Edit or Can View, Edit and Share.​
  8. Click Transfer Ownership.




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