How to activate internet fax in Microsoft Office - 2003/XP

Microsoft Office uses Outlook to send faxes directly from Word, Excel etc. For this feature to work correctly you must ensure that Outlook is correctly configured. The email address associated with Outlook must be registered with InterFAX to successfully send faxes.

For help with Outlook 2003 configuration click here. For 2007 click here.

Activation Steps

  1. Log in to your InterFAX control panel. (Note: this MUST be done using Internet Explorer)

  2. Select the Preferences tab and click on Office 2003/2007 Activation. Click on the Activate button.

  3. Select Windows XP/Windows 2003 and click Activate. (For Windows Vista/ 7 please click here.)

  4. You will then be issued with a warning under your address bar:

  1. When you click on the warning you will receive three options. Click on Run Add-on.

  2. Another security warning with pop up. Click Run.

  1. Once completed, you will need to restart any instances of Word, Excel etc.

For instructions on how to send documents and emails using the Internet Fax feature click here.

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