UK Online Fax

InterFAX, the global internet fax service is now available to clients in the UK who require a flexible fax solution. The UK Online Fax service is available for inbound fax reception on non-geographical 0870 or London-based 020 numbers numbers and for outbound fax transmission to worldwide fax destinations from any email program or custom application. Fax-enable your entire office in less than 10 minutes with no installations of hardware, software, or phone lines.

UK Online Fax

Cost effective
Supplied as an outsourced fax service, InterFAX's leading advantages are: immediate setup, ability to handle any capacity at no additional cost, and free lifetime customer support. Costs for faxing to popular destinations are as low as 4.4p per outbound page; and just £7.50 per month for almost unlimited inbound fax reception (1,000 pages per month).

Simple operation
To send a fax simply create a regular email message with your document file attached, and send it to, where faxnumber is replaced by the actual number you are sending to, e.g., You can fax all popular office document formats - including MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, plain text ASCII, HTML, URL, and others. Interfax accepts these files and sends them to a fax number you specify, performing any necessary retries. A confirmation is emailed to you upon completion.

Faxing from Interfax is simple - just create a new email message, add your documents as attachments, and enter the recipient fax number into the "To:" field, appending "". You can also add cover page text to the email body.

Universally Accessible
You can access the service from any email client, anywhere in the world; from within Microsoft Office applications; or from enterprise applications through the Interfax Developer <a href=""" target="_blank">Winfax or the Windows-bundled Microsoft Fax, Interfax requires no installations, no fax modem, and no phone line.

  • Unlike fax server programs, such as Zetafax or RightFax, Interfax requires no per-user licenses and no steep one-off charges; in fact, there is no setup charge at all for sending faxes through Interfax.
  • Unlike other internet fax services, such as eFax or PumaOne, Interfax charges no monthly subscription or minimum fees for outbound faxing. You purchase a prepaid package and use it at your convenience
  • Interfax Uses

    • Faxing from your laptop or PDA
    • Faxing from office computer networks (LAN)
    • Working from multiple locations, e.g., office, home, on the road
    • Collecting and forwarding online orders from web sites
    • Faxing proposals and confirmations from CRM systems
    • Sending orders and itineraries from travel agency systems
    • Faxing from multi-seat call centers
    • Faxing from enterprises with multiple locations on a wide area network (WAN)

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    UK (0870) 005-2111
    Australia 1300 667-355
    Elsewhere +44 (870) 005-2111

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