Interfax Communications Ltd. is now ISO 27001 certified!

Interfax Communications Ltd. is proud to announce that we've joined a select list of companies -- including Xerox, Pfizer and Vodafone -- in becoming ISO 27001 certified.

And while Interfax, developer of ShieldQ, has always maintained a hardened information security management system (ISMS) to protect customer data from any internal/external, deliberate/accidental threat, the company has taken it a step further, achieving the coveted ISO 27001 certification through Certification Europe.

As you likely know, ISO 27001 is the internationally recognized and respected standard in in information security. Completely neutral, the standard applies an exacting, risk-based approach to determine the security of data in an organization, assessing IT structure, processes and people.

This certification applies to Interfax Communications and its services, which include InterFAX, ShieldQ and PCI Booking.

Find out more on our ISO 27001 certification page.

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