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Send FaxesFrom $0.061 per page

Send faxes anywhere in the world from your email. Lock in discounts with larger prepaid packages.

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32,727 pages

Receive FaxesFor less than $0.43 a day

Get your own fax number. Any fax sent to this number is automatically forwarded to your email.

Incoming fax service
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One-time setup fee$12.95
Additional pages$0.15 /page*

200 pages*

Additional Services

InterFAX Document Upload
Receive secured document uploads
$14.90 $14.90
Incl. 1GB of document transfer
Additional 1GB of document transfer or portion: $14.90
HTML page customization and hosting: $50.00/HTML page
InterFAX Storage
Retain all incoming documents
Included Free
For first 12 months, per document
$20.00 per 1GB or portion, per month
For storage beyond initial 12-month period
InterFAX Share
Additional secured inbound users
(No extra charge for service owners)
Free $5.00 per user