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The InterFAX online fax service lets you send faxes electronically directly from Baan applications. Eliminating the need to print hard copies or block your fax line for hours, you can enhance your process efficiency by instantly faxing any document - purchase orders, invoices, order confirmations or statements - from within your Baan system.

  • Fax any document instantly from within Baan applications
  • Transmit high volume faxes to multiple recipients
  • Guarantee delivery with multiple fax servers spread over four continents
  • Reduce fax costs
  • Reduce carbon footprint

How does it Work?

InterFAX is a cloud-based fax service that integrates with the Baan mail merge functionality. Documents are sent as email attachments, with the email containing the fax destination number as the address. Our online fax servers receive the email and handle fax sending.
Alternatively, our fax servers can also receive faxes to a dedicated number and route them to your Baan system or any email address.

Bulk Fax Broadcasting

InterFAX lets you efficiently distribute bulk faxes to a large customer base. Our fax servers can rapidly distribute thousands of faxes; for example, transmitting a one-page fax to 10,000 recipients may take between 1.5 and 3.5 hours.

With hundreds of lines, our online fax servers can handle a large number of faxes at any given moment, so that you are not dependent on your fax server hardware or phone line capacity. Senders never receive a busy signal, and incoming faxes are forwarded to your users within seconds.

Delivery Confirmation

We can send you a confirmation email to ensure delivery. Select any confirmation policy to receive an email upon success, failure, or for all fax activity. You can also determine how fax transmission failures should be handled, and the number of retries upon busy or no answer signals.

Security and Privacy

Faxes transmitted from your premises to our servers can be encrypted so that they cannot be read on their way. The ‘delete fax after completion’ option ensures that your faxes are permanently removed from our servers after being sent, so that sensitive data is not exposed.

Pay for what you use

With InterFAX, you have full control over your fax costs. You pay per transmitted fax, and can expand or reduce your package anytime based on your needs.

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