Fax Automation

Using the InterFAX online fax service, you can automatically send out documents such as contracts, invoices, notifications or price lists as soon as they are created in your production systems. Our fax automation service provides:

Simple fax API in all popular programming languages Rich customization options
Rapid integration with production systems Supports all popular file formats
Fully hosted service – no phone lines or fax servers Maximum security, encryption and authentication

Fax Automation for any Programming Environment

Our market-leading fax API enables rapid integration with virtually any organizational system. It supports multiple programming environments, including Java, PHP, C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET, ColdFusion, and more. For implementing fax automation with legacy systems, we also support email/SMTP-based integration.

Fax Automation Customization

Our fax API allows you to customize all system features, including:

  • Basic fax sending/receiving
  • Faxing to multiple destinations
  • Sending large files
  • Deferred fax transmission
  • Receiving lists of submitted faxes
  • Cancelling a submitted fax
  • Retrieving inbound/outbound fax images
  • Querying outbound/inbound faxes

Support for Multiple File Types

Our fax automation service supports files types including popular Microsoft Office formats, PDF, XML, TIFF, HTML, image file formats, and much more. See the full list of supported file types.

Outstanding Developer Support

Developers are our key customers and we invest heavily in supporting your needs – from free developer accounts, through comprehensive online documentation and code samples, through active developer forums, to top notch support by staff with technical expertise. We provide phone support during local business hours, and reply to all email requests within one business day.

Unlimited Scalability

Whether your fax automation project requires sending ten faxes or batches of ten thousand faxes on a daily basis, our online service will handle the job. Our fax servers are highly available and distributed over four continents, so you can be sure your fax will be delivered rapidly anywhere in the world.

Maximum Security

Outgoing faxes from your system to our server can be encrypted so that they cannot be read on their way. Our online fax service includes a ‘delete fax after completion’ option to ensure that your faxes are permanently removed from our servers after being sent, so that sensitive data is not exposed. Our service supports the most stringent regulations for data security and privacy, including the American Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

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