Fax from Microsoft Exchange

InterFAX is an online faxing service, allowing you to send and receive faxes directly within your Microsoft Exchange or Outlook email box. As a cloud-based Fax Exchange solution, InterFAX requires no hardware or software installations, while delivering a rich set of functionality for faxing from Exchange.

Fax from Exchange with no fax servers and no integrations Manage multiple senders with full cost control
Unlimited scalability, pay only for faxes you send Maximum security with encryption and authentication
High availability, no busy signals Broadcast faxes to up to 20,000 recipients

Exchange Faxing with No IT Setup or Configuration

Our internet fax service seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Exchange or Outlook, through SMTP. No need for installation and setup of fax servers, fax boards, modems, ISDN cards, Exchange plugins, or client software. To send a fax, users simply send an email message with a fax number as the destination address. Our online fax servers receive the mail and transmit the fax to its destination.

Fax Exchange - High Availability and Scalability

With hundreds of lines, our servers can handle a large number of faxes at any given moment, so you are not limited by the fax server’s hardware capacity, or by the number of modems or dedicated phone lines. You can add or remove users on demand, and pay only for the actual faxes sent or received. Senders never receive a busy signal, and faxes are forwarded to your Exchange email addresses within seconds.

In case your Exchange email server is down, you can define an inbound backup routing policy that forwards incoming faxes to an alternative fax machine. Your faxes can always be retained on our servers for subsequent retrieval.

Multi-User Exchange Faxing

Management of multiple Exchange fax users is easy with InterFAX. You define multiple email addresses (or entire domains) to be 'allowed senders', and InterFAX will accept messages for faxing from these senders, and will associate them with a single username. No need to import users from exchange using Active Directory, as with many fax servers.

Administrators can retain full control over fax spending by viewing the usage of individual users and the precise cost of transactions through web-based screens.

Fax Broadcasting

Unlike fax servers, which have limited and inflexible capacity, InterFAX lets you send bursts of faxes to large numbers of users. You can manage multiple distribution lists that may contain up to 20,000 recipients per list. Simply send a single email message, and your fax is automatically distributed to an entire list.

Customizable Fax Delivery

With InterFAX you have full control over how and when your faxes are sent:

  • Fax header - the outbound fax header is fully customizable, so you can hide or display the transmission date and time, page number, total pages, sending machine identifier, receiving machine identifier, and any free text.
  • Deferred transmission - schedule your fax to be sent at any future time and date, up to 30 days ahead.
  • Retry policy - determine how fax failures should be handled and the number of attempts to retry upon busy or no answer signals.
  • Confirmation policy - decide which confirmations you would like to receive - upon success, failure, for all faxes, or no confirmations at all.

Fax via Exchange Securely and Privately

Outgoing faxes can be encrypted so that they cannot be read on their way from your computer to our servers. Additionally, we can authenticate senders using private key signatures, thus ensuring that no one else is using your online fax account.

The ‘delete fax after completion’ option ensures that your faxes are removed from our servers after being sent, so that sensitive data such as credit card details or patient-identifying information is not exposed.

Industry-Leading Support – Support Staff with MS Exchange Experience

Our service includes top-notch phone and email support in your local language. Our knowledgeable local support teams, including staff specializing in MS Exchange fax integrations, are at your service during local business hours. We reply to all email requests within one business day.

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