Fax Virtualization

Virtualization and server consolidation offer IT organizations many advantages. Lower hardware costs, reduced power, and lower maintenance are just some of the benefits. However, with organizational fax, it still remains difficult to gain the benefits of virtualization. For one, traditional fax boards do not support virtualization technology, and do not fit in physically into blade servers.

InterFAX lets you reap the benefits of virtualization by moving your entire fax operation to the cloud. When you virtualize your faxing with InterFAX, you benefit from a rich organizational fax functionality and also:

  • Eliminate costly fax boards and maintenance
  • Minimize administration
  • Match fax costs with actual needs

Virtual Fax Service with rich fax functionality

InterFAX is accessible via SMTP email or through a faxing API.

With email, users send a document by email, specifying the fax number in the target address, and our online fax servers transmit the document by fax. Any number of users in your organization can use our service, by defining multiple email addresses as 'allowed senders.'

With the API, faxing functionality can be embedded into any business process with direct server-to-server communications.

Multi-user organizational needs

Our fax service is designed to support the needs of multi-user organizations:

  • Seamless support of multiple fax users across different geographical locations
  • Account administrator can manage all users online
  • Shared or private distribution lists
  • Fax broadcast to up to 20,000 recipients
  • Control and monitor costs through a powerful web console
  • Multi-lingual control panel for international staff

High Reliability

With hundreds of lines, our online fax servers can handle a large number of faxes at any given moment, so that you are not dependent on your fax server hardware or phone line capacity. Senders sending you faxes never receive a busy signal, and incoming faxes are forwarded to your users within seconds.

In case your email server is down, you can define an inbound backup routing policy that forwards incoming faxes to an alternative fax machine. Additionally, your faxes can always be retained on our servers for subsequent retrieval.

Security and Privacy

Faxes transmitted from your premises to our servers can be encrypted so that they cannot be read on their way. The ‘delete fax after completion’ option ensures that your faxes are permanently removed from our servers after being sent, so that sensitive data is not exposed. You can also choose to encrypt incoming faxes forwarded to you via email.

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