EU Data Protection Directive (GDPR) Compliant Fax

  • Restricts personal data movement within EU
  • Reinforces consumers’ online confidence
  • Enables organizations to focus on core operations

Protecting Personal Data

Personal data is any information relating to an individual’s private, professional or public life. This information can range from a name, a photo, or an email address to bank details, medical data, or a computer's IP address. The collection and storage of personal information are essential in today’s digital age, since myriad businesses and organizations use the data continuously in diverse ways.

Under European Union law - the GDPR - personal data can be gathered legally only under strict conditions and for legitimate purposes. Furthermore, businesses and organizations that collect and manage the information must protect it from misuse while respecting data owners’ rights, which are guaranteed by EU law.

Every day, EU businesses, public authorities and individuals transfer vast amounts of personal data across the borders of the union’s 27 member countries. EU rules have been adopted to ensure that personal data enjoys a high standard of protection within the union’s boundaries.

About the Data Protection Directive

The Data Protection Directive is an EU directive that regulates the processing and free movement of personal data within the European Union. To address the technological changes that have evolved since the directive’s establishment in 1995, the European Commission has been working to strengthen both the directive and related data-protection rules. These rules aim not only to protect personal data, but also to guarantee the free flow of information within the EU.

About InterFAX’s EU Data Protection Feature

To ensure that all personal data sent by Internet fax stays within EU boundaries, InterFAX offers its EU GDPR-compliant fax solution. The only Internet faxing service of its kind, EU Data Protection is completely transparent to end users from activation to implementation. The new feature enables routing the traffic within the EU boundaries (or any other authorized country), InterFAX's clients will now be able to comply with the directive. To get the service up and running, all users have to do is contact an InterFAX representative, who easily configures the organization’s system to restrict the movement of personal data to European-based servers. Suitable for any business or organization that sends personal data within the EU, the EU Data Protection solution can be implemented per a specific account.

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