High Volume Fax

The InterFAX online fax service enables sending and receiving high volumes of faxes, without investing in costly fax machines, equipment and ongoing maintenance. Enterprises rely on our high volume fax service to broadcast faxes to thousands of recipients, with comprehensive online management features and maximum data security.

Hosted service - no upfront investment in hardware or software Online management of distribution lists and transmissions
Scalability and high availability - fax servers spread over four continents Cost control through online activity tracking
Rapid transmission of high volume faxes – 20,000 recipients per list Maximum security, encryption, supports HIPAA

Rapid High Volume Fax Broadcasting

Our online fax service enables distributing faxes at high volume, economically and efficiently. For example, transmitting a one-page fax to 10,000 recipients may take between 1.5 to 3.5 hours.

How the InterFAX High Volume Fax Service Works

InterFAX provides an online interface allowing you to manage your fax distribution lists. Import recipients into one or several lists, and send the fax to the entire list with a single click. We support up to 20,000 recipients per list, and you can create as many lists as needed. Individual users in your organization can also use InterFAX to send faxes from any email client, or from any enterprise application.

Static or Dynamic Fax Content?

InterFAX lets you transmit static fax content (where all recipients receive the same content), using our online list management features. Or, you can broadcast personalized content using Microsoft Word mail merge, then broadcast the fax directly from Word using our service. For more details, see our fax broadcasting help page.

One-Click Resubmission of Failed Faxes

In a high-volume fax broadcast, there are usually some failed transmissions due to wrong numbers, busy signals, etc. InterFAX helps you quickly discover failed faxes using a condensed report, click 'Resend' from the outgoing fax queue, fix the destination number if needed, and the fax is on its way.

Attach Any File Type

InterFAX supports a wide range of files types. This includes Microsoft Office file formats, image file formats, PDF, XML, HTML, and many more. See the full list of supported file types.

Security and Privacy

Faxes transmitted by your users can be encrypted so that they cannot be read on their way to our servers. Our online fax service includes a ‘delete fax after completion’ option to ensure that your faxes are permanently removed from our servers after being sent, so that sensitive data is not exposed. You can also choose to encrypt incoming faxes forwarded to you via email.

InterFAX supports the most stringent regulations for data security and privacy, including the American Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Industry-Leading Support

Our service includes top-notch phone and email support in your local language. Our knowledgeable local support teams are at your service during local business hours, and we reply to all email requests within one business day.

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