High Availability Fax Service

Automatic failover during system crisis Fully transparent service transition
Low additional cost per transaction

For food ordering portals and various other service providers, every outbound fax is mission-critical. Since any system downtime can lead to lost revenue in the short term and lost clients in the long term, these service providers can’t afford the slightest delay in sending faxes across their business chain.

InterFAX recognizes the need for 100% system availability among its client base. That’s why we’ve developed our latest service, High Availability. Based on a geographically-separated active-active configuration, the service enables the simultaneous operation of two data center systems with automatic failover in the event of system failure. High Availability is available to all InterFAX outbound Web Service clients, and transitioning to the service is fully transparent to end users.

Getting the High Availability fax service up and running is fast and easy – all users have to do is contact a local InterFAX representative and make a few system adjustments based on the Interfax fax API. And the cost per transaction is slightly above InterFAX’s standard price for outbound faxes.

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