Fax from Microsoft Dynamics

InterFAX lets users create and send fax documents directly from their Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution. Our highly intuitive email-to-fax solution seamlessly integrates with the powerful MS Dynamics web application. With just a few clicks, users can send faxes, including attachments, within minutes, or save their fax messages for sending at a later time.

Create, send faxes via MS Dynamics UI Send fax immediately or postpone it for a later time
Add attachments to fax No installation, no setup costs

MS Dynamics – How Does the Service Work?

Create and Send Fax
You can create faxes by opening the Activities tab in the Workplace menu and clicking on E-mail. After selecting the sender’s name from among the registered list of InterFAX addresses, the sender’s address is automatically added to the fax message. Enter the destination fax number, type a subject and click Send.

Add Attachment
To add an attachment, save the message after typing in the subject, click on the Attached File button, click Browse to find the file, click Attach to add the attachment, and click Send.

Delay Fax Sending
To send a message at a later time, click Save and Close. The message, which can be accessed by anyone with access to the Activities section, can be sent whenever desired.

User-Friendly Solution

Our MS Dynamics solution requires no additional installation. Integrating with MS Dynamics CRM, the easy-to-use solution enables users to create and send faxes via the same intuitive user interface as the Microsoft solution.

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