Fax from Box

Faxing with Box

InterFAX enables you to send faxes directly from your Box account.
Do the following to send faxes from Box:


Install the InterFAX Application in Box

  1. Login to your Box account
  2. Go to the InterFAX application
  3. Click on 'Add' and on the popup message click 'Okay'

Sending Faxes from Box

Sending a fax from Box using InterFAX is easy:

  • Navigate to the file you want to fax, right click on the file, then click 'More Options',
  • Select the 'Fax with InterFAX' option.

Box - Select Fax with InterFAX action

In the popup box;

  • Fill in your InterFAX Username and Password,
    If you do not have an account, then please - register here.
  • Fill in the destination fax number
  • Click 'Okay'. Your document will be processed and the result message is displayed at the top of your Box files.

Please also see the 'Supported File Types' for a list of file types supported for faxing through InterFAX.

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