Fax Pages Settings

The fax pages section of the Outgoing Options in My Settings, allows users to define the default page settings for their outgoing faxes.
Here we can define a default header, as well as default page attributes to be used as default for outgoing faxes.

Header properties

Any text included under header properties will be included at the top of your outgoing fax pages by default.

User Settings

The header can consist of up to 90 characters of free text in the same language that is displayed in the browser.

The following strings may be included;

{to} - The fax number the fax is sent to.
{from} - The CSID if defined in user settings, otherwise, the display name set in your email client's 'From' definition.
{totalpages} - The total number of pages in the fax.
{pagenumber} - The specific number of this page.
{datedd/mm/yy} - Date format - dd/mm/yy
{datedd/mm/yyyy} - Date format - dd/mm/yyyy
{datemm/dd/yyyy} - Date format - mm/dd/yyyy
{dateyyyy/mm/dd} - Date format – yyyy/mm/dd
{datelong} - Long date (for example – October 31st, 2004)
{timehhmmss} - Time format - hh:mm:ss
{timehhmm} - Time format - hh:mm
{timehhmmsstt} - Time format – hh:mm:ss tt

Default Page Attributes

  • Fax CSID
    This is how recipients of a fax identify the sender and a default can be set here.
  • Default Orientation
    Allows users to specify Portrait or Landscape as the default orientation for outgoing faxes.
  • Default Paper Size
    Allows users to specify A4, B4, Legal or Letter for the paper size for outgoing faxes.
  • Default optimization
    Allows users to specify between Greyscale and B&W as default for optimization.
  • Default Resolution
    Allows users to specify between Standard and Fine as the default resolution for outgoing faxes.
  • Default Page Scaling
    Allows users to chose not to scale, or to fit the fax to the page when sending.
  • Default text charset encoding
    Allows users to specify the default character set to be used for encoding.
  • Default text font type
    Allows users to specify the default font type.
  • Default text font size
    Allows users to specify the default font size.
  • Include background
    Allows users to specify whether or not to include background colors and images.

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