Advanced settings in the send fax form

By default, the advanced settings for sending a fax using the web form are taken from your user settings, however, you can tweak these options before sending a fax from the web form itself.

There are two available options under the advanced settings dropdown, ‘Default Page Attributes’ and ‘Time to Send’.

Default page attributes

Navigating to the ‘Default Page Attributes’ link will display the following window, giving advanced settings for fax transmission:

Page attributes window

The following options are available:

  • Number of attempts to perform
  • The number of attempts to perform in cases of fax transmission failure.
  • Fax CSID
  • Your identification as seen in your outgoing fax.
  • Reply Address
  • An optional e-mail address to which feedback messages are sent.
  • Page Orientation
  • Specify landscape or portrait page orientation for the transmission.
  • Page Size
  • Specify the page size to be transmitted (A4, Letter, Legal, B4).
  • Rendering Optimization
  • Specify whether to render documents in black and white or greyscale.
  • Default Resolution
  • Specify standard or fine resolution for the transmission.
  • Use these settings for all faxes
  • Quickly update settings to save and reflect those used for this transmission.

Time to Send

Navigating to the ‘Time to Send’ link will display the following window, which allows users to postpone fax transmission to a later date:

Time to send window

The ‘Time to Send’ facility allows users to specify whether to submit the fax immediately (ASAP) or to delay submission of the fax into the system for up to 14 days, simply change the ‘When to send’ dropdown to ‘Postpone’, select the date and time for submission, then click ‘Ok’.

Please note when selecting a postpone time that this option will only allow you to select a date and time in the future.

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