Set Interfax to automatically re-purchase prepaid cards

When an Interfax prepaid card is used up, no further faxes can be sent until a new card is purchased.  Attempting to send a fax after depletion of one card and before purchase of another card results in an error condition '205000 - Quota Exceeded', and faxes are not sent.

In order to avoid this condition, Interfax may be set up to automatically purchase a prepaid card, using the account's existing credit card details. Both successful and failed attempts to automatically purchase an additional card are reported to the account email address. A new card is purchased when an earlier card is 95% used.

Log into your account and go to Purchase -> Repeat Orders. You will be presented with the following screen:

Click "Click here to add a repeat order". The following screen will appear:

Select the size prepaid card you wish to automatically re-purchase every time, and click "Add Repeat Order". The following screen will appear and indicate the addition of a "repeat order".

That's it! From now on, every time you reach 95% usage of your current prepaid card, a new card will automatically be purchased for you.

If you wish to remove a repeat order, simply return to these screens, and click "Remove" on the appropriate line.

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