Enabling Encryption for Inbound Faxes

InterFAX is an enterprise-grade fax-to-email service, providing secure faxing with strong encryption, SSL access and HIPAA compliance. For an introduction to InterFAX's encryption features, see our encrypted fax solution page.

This page explains how to enable encryption for inbound faxes. See also our documentation on encryption for outbound faxes and enabling encryption for fax confirmation.

Enabling Encryption for Inbound Fax Messages

The security of messages received through InterFAX may be enhanced by having emails, representing fax messages, sent to you in an encrypted format by the system. While this will NOT encrypt the fax transmission from your correspondent's fax machine to our fax servers, it WILL secure the contents of the message while it is in transit from our servers to your computer.

(Developers please note: When receiving faxes through the Interfax XML Web Service, you may use SSL to access our servers securely at https://ws.interfax.net)

To encrypt fax messages, when they are sent to you as emails, we need to have your digital signature.

Send InterFAX your public key 'signature'

This step only needs to be done once. Send a signed (not encrypted) email message to digitalid@interfax.net from the email address to which you receive your inbound. InterFAX will automatically associate your address with this digital signature. (Note that this will also encrypt outbound fax confirmations returned to you, if outbound fax service is active.)

Any faxes forwarded to you at this address from now on will be encrypted. To cancel encryption, send an unsigned email message to digitalid@interfax.net.

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