Fax Broadcast a Dynamic Document Using Mail Merge Web Fax Form

Use the InterFAX Mail Merge form to send a personalized document to an InterFAX list.

To send a merge document using the InterFAX Mail Merge Web form, take the following steps:

  1. Log in to your InterFAX account.

  2. Click the Send Fax tab and then click Send merge.

  1. Select an InterFAX list from the Select a list dropdown menu. Managing InterFAX lists

  1. Optional: You can attach up to five files by clicking Upload a file to be faxed or drag and drop files to the Attachment field.

  2. Add text in the message field. To add merge fields to your fax, click the Insert Merge Fields dropdown menu and select from the available fields in your list.

  1. If needed, change your default settings by clicking Advanced Options. To learn more about the advanced options, click here.

  1. To preview your fax, click the Preview & Send Sample button and scroll between the merge results. You can send the current record as a sample to a specific fax number by inserting a fax number in the Send Sample box and clicking the Send Fax button. When you're done, click Close Preview.

  1. To send the merge document to the InterFAX list, click Submit.

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