Fax broadcast a static document, using the Interfax list manager

Please note: before running ANY fax broadcast, send yourself a one-recipient test to verify that all of your settings are correct.

  1. Login to your Interfax account and select the Lists tab, then the View Lists sub-menu.  If you have not yet created lists, this is what you'll see:

  1. To create a new list, enter a list name into the text box marked 'List Name', and click 'Add'. After entering Exporters as an example list name, and clicking 'Add', the new list shows up in a table:

  1. There are two methods of populating the list. Recipients can either be added manually, one-by-one, or they can be batch-imported through an import facility.

Option 1 - Adding a recipient manually - Click the Recipients link, then the Add button to reach the following dialog, which allows you to enter a recipient:

Option 2 - Importing a list of recipients - Alternatively, click the Import link to reach the following screen:

Click the Browse button to find a comma-delimited list of recipients (CSV file) which you have prepared before-hand. This list may contain field names as the first row, in which case you need to select the 'Mark check box if the first row....'.

The list may contain up to four fields - the recipients' fax number, name, company, and phone number.  Only the fax field is mandatory.

Let Interfax know which column in your CSV file holds which bit of data by selecting the column location from the four dropdown boxes (options are: Field doesn't exist, First Field, Second Field, etc.).

Click Import. This will upload your list and display the list of recipients of the list.

  1. Send the document, which you wish to fax, to the list by addressing your email like list=Exporters@fax.tc, where "Exporters" is an example of a list name.  The document will be broadcast to the entire list.

  2. That's it!  Having sent the message to a list, you will NOT receive individual email confirmations for each and every recipient clogging up your Inbox. Instead, Interfax will send you one, concentrated report at the end of the fax broadcasting session.

If you wish to view the progress of your fax broadcast, as it is running, login to your Interfax account, and follow it through the Outbound Queue.

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