Defining Output Type and Fax Numbers in SD or MM Module

A user of the Sales and Distribution or Materials Management modules needs to do two things to enable faxing from the relevant SAP module:

  • Create a new output type for InterFAX mail-to-fax, and assign it to the relevant access sequence.
  • Define fax numbers, in a special email format, in the customer or vendor objects.

Below are detailed instructions for each of these tasks.

Creating a New Output Type (Transaction SPRO)

To create a new output type for InterFAX mail-to-fax:

  1. Access the SPRO transaction.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • If you are using the SAP SD module, in the Structure tree, navigate to the following path: Sales and Distribution > Basic Functions > Output Control > Output Determination Using the Condition Technique > Maintain Output Determination for Sales Documents > Maintain Output Types.
    • If you are using the SAP MM module, in the Structure tree, navigate to the following path: Purchasing > Messages > Output Control > Message Types > Define Message Types for Scheduling Agreement Release/Expediter, and then click Maintain Message Types for Forecast Delivery Schedule.

    The output types overview is displayed.

  3. Do one of the following:
    • If you have an existing output type used for regular printing, select this output type, copy and paste it to create another, identical output type, then double-click the new output type to edit it.
    • If you do not have an existing output type for printing, create a new output type.

    Details for the new output type are displayed.

  4. At the top of the output type details, type a descriptive name for the new output type, such as InterFAX Mail-to-Fax.
  5. In the General Data tab, type the four-digit code of the Access sequence that is relevant for sending faxes. Typically, this will be the same access sequence used for regular printing.
  6. In the Default Values tab, do the following:
    • From the Dispatch Time drop-down menu, select the option relevant for sending of faxes: sending immediately on save, sending by scheduled job, etc.
    • From the Transmission Medium drop-down menu, select 8 - Special function.

    WARNING: You must set Transmission Medium to 8, otherwise it will not be possible to define special handling for the outgoing email, so that it can be delivered to fax by InterFAX.

  7. Check with the SAP developer who will work on this output type, whether they prefer to modify the existing processing program used for printing to also enable mail-to-fax, or create a new program for mail-to-fax. Also, ask the developer for the name of the program they will use for mail-to-fax. Do one of the following:
    • If you copy-pasted from an existing output type used for printing, and the developer wants to use the same processing program used for printing, do not proceed to the next step. You are done defining the new output type.
    • If you created a new output type, or if the developer wants to create a new program, proceed to the next step.
  8. Ensure that your new output type is selected. From the Dialog Structure tree on the left, select Processing Routines.

  9. Under Processing 1, in the Program field, type the name of the processing program the developer will use for mail-to-fax (whether this is the existing program used for printing, or a new program).

Defining Fax Numbers (XD02 or XK02 Transaction)

Repeat the procedure below for each customer (in SD) or vendor (in MM) which needs to receive faxes via mail-to-fax (these must be all the customers included in the access sequence you defined for the new output type).

To define fax numbers in a special email format, for a customer (in SD) or a vendor (in MM):

  1. If you are using the SD module, access transaction XD02. If you are using the MM module, access transaction XK02.
  2. Find the customer or vendor and edit their details. The Change Customer or Change Vendor dialog is displayed.

  3. Under Communication, use the Telebox field to enter the customer or vendor's fax number, including all relevant area codes, in InterFAX's special email format. The format is as follows: (for example, if the customer's fax number is 0032-98-11-89-48, the email format is or
  4. Save the customer or vendor details.

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