Billing Questions

Paying for fax reception

Billing for fax reception is composed of two parts:

1. A one-time setup fee.

2. A monthly subscription fee.
The setup fee is charged when you initially order your account or when you add users to your account.
Subscription fees are charged monthly, where the first month is charged only for the remainder of the month. For example, if you sign up on the 20th of the month, your first charge will be for setup and for the remaining 10 or 11 days. After that, all subscription charges will be performed in advance at the beginning of the month.

If your usage exceeds the included number of pages for your inbound service, the additional pages will be charged in arrears along with the subscription charge performed at the beginning of the month.

Paying for fax transmission

Billing for fax transmission is composed of three parts:

1. A one-time setup fee,

2. A monthly subscription fee.

3. Per-page usage fees.
While the setup fee and the monthly subscriptions are free of charge, the per-page usage fees are charged on a prepaid basis.
When purchasing a virtual ‘prepaid card', the higher the purchased amount then the greater the bonus credit added to that card. As you send faxes, the balance on your card becomes depleted and once your card has become fully depleted you will need to purchase an additional card before you can send further faxes.

When will I be billed?

Upon initial registration, you will be billed immediately on the day of your registration. For subscription fees, you will be charged in advance at the beginning of each month. For prepaid cards, you will be charged immediately upon purchase of the card.

Do I have to commit to a certain period for my Interfax subscription?

No. You may stop your subscription at any time.

When sending faxes, why am I being charged a full price when I should be receiving a discount?

The discount occurs when you purchase a prepaid package for a reduced price. For example, when you purchase a $125 prepaid package for $100, the discount you have received is 20%, thereafter each outbound page you pay for is displayed at the full price. But remember that you are paying this full price with discounted credits.

What happens when my prepaid credit runs out?

When your prepaid card reaches 80% of its usage, then 95% usage, a notification will be sent to the account email address.
When you receive the notification you can log into your InterFAX account and purchase an additional prepaid card by navigating to 'Account Management / Outbound Fax Credit'.

Can I automate the re-purchase of a prepaid card?

Yes. You can set Interfax to automatically re-purchase a prepaid card once it reaches 95% usage.
Log in to your account and navigate to 'Account Management / Outbound Fax Credit'. This will enable you to select which size prepaid card will be automatically re-purchased.

As long as your credit card details remain valid, prepaid cards of the selected size will be re-purchased just before an earlier one runs out. A notification of the re-purchase will be sent to your account email.

How do I update the credit card details I have on record with Interfax?

Simply Log in to your account and navigate to 'Account Management / Payment Method' and follow the instructions.

How do I add or close services?

You can manage all added services (send faxes, receive faxes) by logging in to your account and navigating to 'Account Managment / Services'. For more information on managing your services, please see the support section here.

How do I pay for PCI fax service?

For Inbound PCI fax service pricing please visit our Prices page. InterFAX Outbound PCI is a premium service featuring the market's only PCI DSS-compliant Internet faxing service, for pricing information regarding this unique offering, please contact us.

Who should I contact with billing-related questions?

Feel free to contact us. through our contact form for any billing-related questions.

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