Searching your Inbox

There are a range of options available for searching your Inbox.

Users can search by a number of properties, for Archived or Deleted documents, as well as having various options for searching by fax status and other custom properties. Search results can also then be exported if needed.

To get started, log in and navigate to 'Inbox',

It is now possible to search for items using either the text entry box (to search for terms directly), or by using the drop down icon at the right hand side of the search box to open the 'Search inbox' window, containing various advanced search functions.

Simply enter the search filters you would like to use and click the Search link to filter the results.

Searching for Archived or Deleted faxes

Once faxes have been archived or deleted, there are two ways in which users can locate these items;

  • From the navigation menu
    Use the drop down link at the right hand side of the 'Inbox' link within the navigation menu, to expand the 'Archived' and 'Trash' items. Click the menu item to navigate to the queue in question.
  • From the advanced search function
    Using the drop down icon at the right hand side of the search box, expand the 'Search inbox' window and scroll down to 'Archived status' or 'Deleted status'. Use the options there to filter your inbox in the desired way.

For more information regarding adding custom properties to an account for filtering purposes, please see the support section - here.

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