Sending Faxes

Can I send faxes from my email account?

Absolutely! You can use any web based email service to submit faxes into the InterFAX system, this can be an application such as Outlook or Eudora, or a web-based mail service such as Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail.

For further information on sending faxes via email, please see the support sections - here.

How do I know that my fax has been delivered?

There are two ways to verify the status of your fax;

Firstly, you can log in to the InterFAX control panel and navigate to 'Sent Items', this screen will tell you whether the fax has been processed by the InterFAX system, if it is currently being sent and the status of the sending attempts.

Secondly, you can check your email for an automatic notification, you can set your preferences to receive confirmations upon failure, success, always or never.

There is also an advanced option for account managers to receive emailed scheduled summaries of all faxes sent by all users, this report gives you excellent control over your company's faxing activity. You can receive this report in various formats (ASCII/CSV/HTML) for easy import into any analysis packages.

How can I send a cover page or both the email body and attachments?

By adding /b to the end of the subject line of your outgoing mail (forwardslash b), both the body of your email and the attachments will be sent by fax. By default, only the attachments are sent if included in your email (Only the body is sent if there are no attachments). You may then use the body of the mail as a cover page to your faxes.

Can I defer sending of a fax?

Yes, simply add /d and the date and time to the end of the subject line, like this: /d 2002-11-23 12:34 where the date is in yyyy-mm-dd format. Or you may add /d and the time only, in which case the current date will be assumed, like this: /d 20:34.

This feature is very useful for sending out fax broadcasts at off-peak hours, when receiving fax machines are more likely to be available.

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