Migration to the new InterFAX platform

Welcome to the new InterFAX Control Panel!!

A brand new platform, built to give users an upgraded and more streamlined experience in using the various services offered by InterFAX.

New CP


InterFAX are dedicated to strengthening and improving our systems, with this in mind we have been working to develop a new online platform, which we hope will give customers more control over how they interact with the services offered by InterFAX, and a more satisfying experience overall.

Over the next few months we will be hosting our new online control panel, alongside our existing secure website, in order that customers can become familiar with the new platform while retaining the option to revert to the old system.

Simply log in to the new control panel at https://cp.interfax.net, using the same username and password that you would use to access the existing secure site.

The new control panel has been designed around a more modern interface which will allow for the addition of new features and options, which we hope will improve InterFAX as a service and it’s overall value to our customers.

We have a dedicated support section here, which should help to answer most common queries.

We encourage users to experience the new platform and we are more than happy to receive suggestions and feedback, as well as reports of any issues which may arise. This information will be reviewed and used to improve the service further.

For all feedback related to the new control panel, please use the 'Contact InterFAX' form here.

We would sincerely like to thank our customers for their ongoing support, as well as to our various teams behind the scenes for their hard work and dedication to the project, as well as for their ongoing support. We have a small, close team at InterFAX and it can be proud of the new features and services it has added to date, and continues to add.

We hope that the new control panel improves your experience with InterFAX's services, over time we aim to move to the new platform entirely and apologize in advance for any disruption during the migration, we will try to keep it to a minimum.

Rest assured that we aim to create an improved platform for our users, while retaining the high standard of security and services currently on offer.
With thanks in advance,

The Upland InterFAX family.


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