Fax broadcast a static document, using your email program's address book

(This example uses Outlook Express screenshots, but can be applied to any standard email application)

Please note: before running ANY fax broadcast, send yourself a one-recipient test to verify that all of your settings are correct.

  1. Open your address book and create a new group.

  2. Insert your recipients into this group, making sure that recipient addresses are entered in Interfax format, like +4461236547@fax.tc.  In the following screenshot, the group name is Exporters and the list includes five recipients.  Please note that Interfax can handle lists of up to 7500 recipients per fax broadcast.

  1. Create a new email message and enter the group name (in this case,  Exporters) into the "To:" line.  Attach the document you wish to broadcast and click 'Send'.

  1. That's it! Having sent the message as a group, you will NOT receive individual email confirmations for each and every recipient clogging up your Inbox. Instead, Interfax will send you one, concentrated report at the end of the fax broadcast. 

If you wish to view the progress of your fax broadcasting session, as it is running, login to your Interfax account, and follow it through the Outbound Queue.

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