Workaround for importing InterFAX security certificate into Microsoft Outlook

Nov 2004: It has been brought to our attention that some Interfax clients are experiencing problems importing the Interfax security certificate into Microsoft Outlook (Outlook Express does not reportedly exhibit this behavior). Importing the certificate is only necessary if encrypting emails sent to the Interfax email-to-fax service.

Please follow these steps to work around this problem:

I. Request an Interfax Certificate

This page explains how to do it.

II. Export the Interfax Certificate:

  1. Open the signed mail received from Interfax Secure.
  2. Click on the "secured" symbol to view the certificate (appears on the top-right corner of the mail message).
  3. If prompted, press "Details...".
  4. Double click "signer:"
  5. Click "View Certificate"
  6. Choose the Details tab and click "Copy to file"
  7. A new window will appear: "Welcome to the Certificate Export Wizard", click "Next".
  8. Keep the default setting: "DER encoded binary...", click "Next".
  9. Choose a location on your computer to save the certificate. You will need to remember this location for the import process later. For example: My Documents\InterfaxCert.cer, Click "Next".
  10. Click "Finish" to complete the process.
  11. You should see a message box: "The export was successful", Click "OK"
  12. Click "OK", "Close" and "Close" (if exists, click "Close" again) on previously opened windows.

III. Import the Interfax Certificate:

  1. In the mail message from Interfax Secure, right-click our "From" address and select "Add to Address Book"
  2. Your address book will open on this newly-created entry. Click the "Digital IDs" tab and click "Import..."
  3. Locate the previously exported certificate and click "Open".
  4. The "Certificates (Digital IDs)" window should show the certificate "Secure Interfax Inc.".
  5. In case a previous certificate was installed it is important to mark the new certificate as default (Click "Set as Default").
  6. Marking a certificate and clicking "Properties" will show the certificate's properties.

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