The InterFAX Control Panel

The InterFAX control panel is an online tool which allows customers to log in at an account or user level and access the services assigned, such as sending or receiving faxes, as well as acting as a portal to account and user settings.

InterFAX Control Panel
The two main sets of links in the control panel are numbered above and the various items defined below.

1. The Navigation Menu

The navigation menu allows for simple navigation of the control panel and its various sections. The following links can be found:*

  • Send Fax
  • Allows users with the ‘Send fax’ service to use the InterFAX send fax web form in order to submit faxes. Further information on sending faxes from the control panel can be found here.
  • Inbox
  • Gives access to received documents, which can be opened for viewing in the InterFAX document viewer.
  • Expanding the sub menu gives access to Archived and Deleted items.
  • Sent Items
  • Allows access to the users sent items.
  • My Settings
  • Gives access to user settings. For more information on the settings available at a user level, please see the support section here.
  • Account Management*
  • Gives access to account and user management options. For more information on managing your account, users and services, please see the support section here.
  • Account Settings*
  • Gives access to account settings. For more information on the settings available at account level, please see the support section here.

*Please note that the 'Account Management' and 'Account Settings' menu items will be available to Account Managers only.

2. The User Menu

The user menu gives quick access to commonly used links, allowing access to the following items:

  • Profile
  • Quickly access the user’s profile page, allowing the user to update their details, change passwords.etc
  • Language Selection
  • Quickly change the selected display language.
  • Help Center
  • Access to InterFAX’s public support sections, with FAQ’s, how to’s and general support.
  • Contact Us
  • Contact InterFAX support team in your region.
  • Change password
  • Change your current password.
  • Log Out
  • Log out of your current session.

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